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Dove Apologizes AGAIN for Another Racially Insensitive Ad

*cues Bad Habit* by Destiny’s Child

“How many times are you gonna apologize about the same thing?” SING KELLY!

Dove once again shows us not once but twice that they don’t have black women anywhere in the board or editing room to help them make better decisions on how to show diversity. Dove decided to run an add on Facebook that has now been removed. Thankfully, makeup artist Naomi Leann Blake shared the images on her Facebook page before they disappeared.

The image shows a black woman taking off a brown t-shirt and transforms to a white woman with a white shirt on. You can’t make this up.

So I guess they thought they were trying to give us “It’s Black It’s WHITE!” but failed… and gave us…

Instead, the ad was seen as a dirty black woman and after washing herself with some soap she is now a clean white woman. What’s cleaner than clean a pure white woman? Remember Nivea’s ad?

There seems to be a pattern of cleanliness being associated with whiteness and a whole lot of other things. The only way to fix it hiring women of color to tell you “NO!” or “HELL NO”. It’s that simple no need for group studies, just fix it.

Dove, of course, issued a statement apologizing for the ad offending those.

This apology would be nice if it wasn’t the second or umpteenth time that something like this has happened.


The ad eventually finished with a middle eastern woman. I honestly couldn’t tell if she was white or not, but hey.

Posted by Naythemua on Friday, October 6, 2017


I’m not sure what to do with the 3 boxes of Dove soap I have in my cabinet right now.


What do you think of the ad? Did you see any racial undertones?