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We See You Mrs.Tina Campbell

A conversation one man had with his friend.
“Why would you want to vote for someone who would hurt me?”
“I think Trump is the best choice.”
“But his policies will directly harm me, such as DACA. I am not documented, and Trump says he will end DACA, in which I will not be able to finish my degree, and I could be deported.”

His friend voted for Trump. The friendship ended.

I have heard mothers and children stop talking. I have witnessed broken marriages, friendships, and relationships ending because of this election.

Tina Campbell. You voted for Trump. You wrote a letter saying why you are praying for Trump. You argued that Hillary Clinton wasn’t a good candidate either. You equated Clinton to Trump and declared that Trump is better because he has Christian principles. You implied that Hillary doesn’t have Christian principles since Trump has them, which led you to cast your vote for him over Clinton.

Tina, you live in California, so your vote meant very little to elect Clinton, but your vote reveals your character.

The highest group of people who voted for Clinton is black women. Why would we vote for her over Trump? Let’s start with Black women are more likely to be the breadwinner in their homes. When Clinton speaks about a universal full-day Kindergarten and an expansion of Preschool that would accept all children without income requirement, well, that is a Black woman issue. When Clinton talks about income inequality, then we are talking about a Black woman issue. When Clinton talks about being respected in the workplace and having more clarity in suing in women discrimination cases, then that is a Black woman issue. When there are talks about making state colleges more affordable, then that is a Black woman issue.

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These are just a few issues that Clinton discussed that hits Black women to their core since we are highly educated, yet we are the lowest paid and poorly treated. We know the implications of voting for a man who thinks it is acceptable to grab women by their genitalia without consent.

No one needed to know and no one ever cared about who you voted for Mrs. Campbell. But, we now that we know how you vote, we can assess your version of Christianity and how distant you really are from Black women. We buy your music, and I will never buy another song of Mary Mary in my lifetime. I cannot in good faith bob my head to any of your songs that are in my music library.

I can’t support because I don’t recognize your version of Christianity.

You voted for someone who is okay with having policies that hurt people. His policies hurt the people who buy and listen to your music. We are not all millionaires. We are thousand-aires, so having access to birth control in our health care policies, having access to quality schools that are for Pre-K and Kinder, and having more help with paying for college are things that are vital to our well-being. It is clear that you either don’t know us Black women anymore or you don’t care about us. Either way, your announcement is a gut punch to the hatefulness we are enduring at the hands of this current president.

So, you pray for your president. We will be praying as well.

We are praying for strength to keep fighting for our rights and for this presidency to end as swiftly as possible.