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Kardashian Family Fears For Rob’s Safety

Rob Kardashian was recently on social media blasting his baby mother Blac Chyna after discovering her true colors…yet again. I guess Rob had enough of Chyna’s antics and went on a rampage releasing texts, nude pictures, and videos of her kissing other men, chile he even revealed that Chyna was paid a few coins for having a sexual tryst with TI & Tiny (See previous articles on King of Reads). Even though we were amused by Rob’s antics, we can truly say the boy needs some help. Sources say that the Kardashian family fears that Rob will harm himself or take his life after all of this foolery. The family feels like after so many failed attempts, no one can help Rob. He is not putting any positive effort in to fix his life because he is not working out or eating healthy….basically ruining his own life.

We all knew that Rob and Chyna’s relationship was toxic from the beginning. We all also knew that Chyna had an agenda when the “relationship” started since Rob’s baby sister (and I mean baby sister) took her baby daddy, Tyga. Maybe it was just me but I found it odd that Chyna was dating her baby daddy’s girlfriend’s brother (I know that was a mouthful) but apparently Rob did not and fell head over heels over Chyna.

Things were moving right along for the two, Rob was getting out of the sunken place and losing weight whereas Chyna was getting coined up and plotting a baby plan. Their relationship reminds me so much of Stevie J and Joseline’s relationship because they are always up and down – they break up and make up every other day….LITERALLY!!! I do not know whether Chyna was really in love with Rob but I can say he was in love with her more than she was with him, which is a bit tragic and unhealthy.

I understand people can love hard but Rob needs to seriously get some help faster in a hurry not only for himself but for the sake of his daughter as well. We do not know all what the Kardashian family has done to help Rob but he has to want the help. Eventually, he needs to realize that Chyna does not want to settle down and is looking for the next coin so he needs to just move on. Rob needs to stay off of social media and seek a therapist to talk out all of his issues. All jokes aside I don’t want to see Rob continue on the path of destruction over Blac Chyna harming himself and possibly her, he needs to just get it together.


What encouraging words would you offer Rob at this point in his life?