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The Bambi Says Scrappy Wants Her Back Even After Erica Dixon Pops Back Up

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta might be drawing to a close but it doesn’t stop the real drama from continuing. Scrappy’s Ex-Fiance the Bambi wasn’t feeling Scrappy’s new song and video ‘Side Bih Feelings’.

The song probably wasn’t the issue it was who made an appearance in the video that might have had Bambi shook for a second.

Bambi wanted to be clear that she isn’t a side bih and she isn’t interested in the mess. She even provided receipts proving that Scrappy has been texting her. Chile where is Mona Scott Young when you need her.

The Bambi has spoken! Now you know Erica Dixon didn’t stay quiet for this one.


Some of y’all talk and text to much. It’s ok to move in silence. You not about that life anyway.

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Bambi had time and she had a word for Erica Dixon.

Don’t stay quiet Bam! Let it all so I can stop thinking about this bad check I wrote.

Scrappy blamed all of the drama on Rob Kardashian and his IG mess from earlier this week. I don’t think the internet is as shook by this IG minor series y’all served us Scrappy.

What are you all working on that y’all want us to pay attention to cause…

What do you think? Is Bambi pressed or are Erica Dixon and Scrappy being petty.