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Now What Was Said? The Trans Community Protest Charlamagne at Politicon

It was only a matter of time! After The Breakfast Club’s transphobic interview with Lil Duval Friday, they’ve been experiencing some necessary backlash.

The ignorant comments came from Lil Duval, but everyone in that room was responsible for letting him carry on like that. Trans men & women death are not jokes.

“This might sound messed up and I don’t care — but she’s dying. I don’t care,”-Lil Duval

What makes it more disgusting is that this happened during the same week Janet Mock, a well-known voice in the (trans/LGBTQ name which community) community, came and educate each one of them. They learned nothing apparently.

Charlamagne spoke at Politicon that following Sunday, and the trans community made sure their voices were heard.

Blossom Brown, a Greater Than Aids ambassador, in the video above made her voice be heard loud! She and others called Charlamagne out for laughing at Lil Duval’s disturbing jokes. Although Charlamagne did tell the comedian that it was a hate crime, it was his tone and the fact that he had been laughing at the jokes.

These women protested him in front of a majority white audience. White people do not like being around situations like these. The #BoycottBreakfastClub hashtag was trending for most of the day Sunday. If you think the hashtag won’t do anything you are sadly mistaken. The conversation is continuing, and once again trans women are the ones pushing it front and center.

Start at 6:00-minute mark

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