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Black Gay Man Found Stabbed to Death Outside Trucking Company

Nashville Police Department are investigating a death of Deon L. Brown who was found dead outside a trucking company dressed as a woman.

Police officials are saying that his body was found at Western Express, on Centennial Place around 6:30 Monday morning.

Family members and friends believe that the incident may have a been a hate crime considering the way he was murdered. Brown was found dead with several stab wombs near trucks at the trucking stop.

My opinion.

There are several rumors going around that may have caused his death. From him lying to a man about his gender to him being a sex worker. None of this is an excuse for someone to take his life.

Situations like these have become all too familiar. The LGBT community is normally a target based on their sexual orientation and sometimes are blamed for their own death. This can be seen in the comment section about Deon and it is truly sad. I’m not sure what happened to him. Judging by my social media I can tell he was loved. My only request is that we look after our friends better. I lost a loved one to domestic violence and there isn’t a day that I wish I did more.

We should do more when it comes to our friends and loved ones. Writing Facebook posts for the deceased isn’t a good send off knowing this situation could’ve been prevented to some degree.

A candlelight vigil is set for Deon Friday night at his old job. If you have any information please contact Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.