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And the Plot Thickens with Kirk and Rasheeda Frost

Chile Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk and Rasheeda are making sure they are keeping a storyline for the next couple of seasons. As we know Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion part 1 aired this past Monday (which was filmed the end of May), Kirk has declared that he has not taken the DNA test for baby Kannon despite the fact that Jasmine Washington is claiming that he is the father. A normal man would have taken a paternity test immediately to determine whether or not he has fathered a child, especially when he is married and the marriage is on the line. But Kirk feels that he does not have to rush and take the test because he does not want to give Jasmine any more attention (something he should not have done, to begin with).

I guess Mona Scott Young finally gave Jasmine some information for the courts to locate Kirk because he was summoned with paternity papers the same day the reunion aired. Now Jasmine has told the blogs on numerous occasions that the courts have been looking for Kirk since early January. I guess it takes a very long time to locate a reality star in Atlanta, Georgia IJS. I am not sure when Kirk is set to take the paternity test for baby Kannon but I am certain this will be the storyline for season 7 for LHHATL.

Also while the reunion was airing, Jasmine was not pleased with what Kirk was saying about her. Kirk said he only slept with Jasmine one time and he used protection. Chile Jasmine tried to pull some receipts showing that she has been in contact with Kirk for years. The messages basically indicated that Kirk was in love with Jasmine and wanted to be with her (allegedly). Jasmine went on to say that Kirk got her baby shower dress from Rasheeda’s store, Pressed and it was a similar dress that Rasheeda wore herself. Now chile, I am not sure whether these receipts are the real thing because people are clever nowadays and can put anything together. And I am not sure whether Kirk is really the father but I do know that the Frosts are definitely keeping things going to collect their LHHATL coins.


Do you think Kirk is the father of Jasmine’s baby?