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Pancakes Unspoken Spoken Chronicles:


I was walking down the street

Engrossed in concrete shattering beats

And I got smacked on the face

By a leaf, the maple I could taste

Then the memories came swirling back

Of back in the day

Every time I bite into a savory sweet treat this is what I think

We had pancakes every Sunday and lunch on Tuesday afternoons.

To say I was over it would be way too soon

I miss you I do,

Like a toddler misses a tooth

I’m the baby without Ruth

At parties I feel like I’m just raising air and not the roof

just one more time it would put my mind at ease, if I could ask you to pass the sugar please

Knife and fork clanking on the plate

And you’re asking for seconds

You looking at me like I’m the main course

although we tearin up this breakfast.

We took turns, one day it’s you and them me, but somedays we cheated and went to that I-Hop down the street

I never got mad when you flirted with the waitress because it got us free stacks, Even though she wrote her number down I knew you’d never text back.

Nothing against her, she was nice and cute too, and I prayed that she’d find someone like you. I did. Maybe she is with you now, I don’t even know what’s up with you now. I just want one more time.

I wonder if you have the same smile

I don’t know where down the road it got lost

But one Tuesday you turned cold, changed your name to Jack Frost

Maybe it was the waitress…..nah I’m lying to myself

I should have paid more attention

to the extra chocolate chips you slipped in

Instead of texting Ted and Veronica about mess and immature things

I should have been listening to your dreams

You listened to mine, not complaining once

It wasn’t just breakfast but it was habit at every lunch

You stuck around for that I give you credit

The book of love, I just checked it out, I never really read it

They say if you love something let it go

I just wish the release was mutual