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Not Surprising : Knocked Kneed Shirley Caesar Agrees with Kim Burrell

Shirley Caesar the queen of sweating and spitting on pulpits comes and speaks on Kim Burrell.

Shirley Caesar was speaking at a rival and had time for Kim Burrell but it’s what she said that shouldn’t be really shocking.

“You [Kim Burrell] should of spoke out 4 years ago when our President made that stuff alright.”

Referring to President Obama ‘allowing’ same-sex marriages legal in the U.S. but I thought congress wrote the laws so how is President Obama ‘allowing’ something to happen?

Shirley wouldn’t last 30 seconds on ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?’ seeing as she doesn’t understand that the supreme court upheld the decision for same-sex marriages to be legal back in the summer of 2015. We should take everything she says with a grain a salt especially from someone who has been swindling black people out of coins while they catch the bus to Sunday school.

You ever wonder why most millennials aren’t interested in the church or organized religion? You can thank people like Shirley Caesar & Kim Burrell for that. Acceptance is what we know. And it’s time that some of us stand up to individuals like Shirley Caeser & Kim Burrell.

The black church will continue to fall behind because their level of thinking is outdated.



What do you think of Shirley Caesar’s response on Kim Burrell? Or is she mad because she can’t marry the woman of her dreams?