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NeNe Leakes Make A Decision Either Be a Comedian or Go Home

Sinbad is a great stand up comedian. You can fight me on this. His stand up cable specials was amazing. I laughed and I didn’t have to think about the language and topics being inappropriate for my age. I watched A Different World, and all of the other television shows and movies. As an adult, I went to his show. There was a heckler there, who wanted to engage him about his financial problems. He engaged the person, and he made a joke. We laughed. The heckler closed her mouth. He moved on and we moved on. We all thought the heckler was a loser, and she looked silly. She didn’t speak again.

Nene Leakes, Sinbad demonstrated how you handle a heckler. No apology needed because a comedian knows how to handle a heckler. There will always be somebody in the crowd who will get you to be out of yourself. They are your haters in person, and they have no shame.

The type of finesse that Sinbad and other comedians have when dealing with hecklers is based on practice. It is based on skill. It is not based on waking up one morning and looking in the mirror saying, “I think I am funny.” You have decided to think that people want to see the Real Housewives of Atlanta Nene Leakes in person. There are many people who are paying money to see this, but if this is something you really want to take seriously, let’s consider a few things:

Oakland, CA is not Los Angeles, CA. The jokes that are great in Los Angeles are not the same as Oakland. There is nothing Hollywood about Oakland. If you came to the show with the same energy you had in Los Angeles, then you should have expected not only being boo’d, but you should expect to heckled in large magnitude.

Practice. You need to practice how to act like a comedian and not a housewife. The whole, belligerent behavior is just not funny enough to look at you for long periods of time. Your comment about rape is unbelievable, and it shows that you are not a comedian. I don’t care if she is a heckler. It is unacceptable.
Don’t disrespect the long legacy of comedians with your novelty relationship you are taking with this field. Anyone can pretend to be a comedian, which is clearly you are doing. I realize it is about money, but don’t put a stain on the art of being a comedian for a dollar.