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Mental Illness and Depression is Real Out Here

In wake of Rob Kardashian’s rants against Blac Chyna (see the previous article), we can truly say that mental illness and depression is real and that people need to take these illnesses more seriously. Regardless of social status, race, gender, and sexual orientation, mental illness and depression does not discriminate and can affect anyone.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I remembered learning in one of my courses about clinical depression and the various types of mental illnesses such a bi – polar, manic depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder etc. I can continue for days because there are so many illnesses. There are so many individuals who suffer from mental illness and depression and unfortunately, fail to seek the help they need. It has been reported that “43.8 million adults experience mental illness in a given year and ONLY 41% may seek any help” (National Alliance on Mental Illness site, 2017).

If people do not seek the help that they need, they can truly be on a path to destruction. Some people try to mask their illness by heavily indulging in drugs, alcohol, food, and other bad habits, secluding themselves from family and friends, eventually later developing other serious health issues, and even committing suicide. So that is why it is necessary for people who suffer from any form of mental illness and depression to seek some type of professional help. Unfortunately in the African American community, seeking help is a taboo and is not widely accepted, which is so stupid. If there is something wrong, why not utilize the resources that are available. Now I know we live in a prescription induced world and some doctors are quick to prescribe pills to help cope with illnesses but if people do not want to take meds, they have the right to seek other options for treatment.

As a young African-American woman, I am not afraid to say that I am a fan of therapy and seeking help because it is very beneficial. More people need to realize that it is okay to seek help when they are suffering from any mental illnesses and clinical depression because it is only right when you want to live your life and be happy!