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I am Not a Crook or Crackhead! Karen King Says After Arrest

“You’re going to jail behind stealing a Chanel purse. Bitch you a thief at 60 get a job hoe.”-Joseline Hernandez

The Puerto Rican Princess told Karen King on season 5 of Love & Hip Hop ATL Reunion to get a job! Joseline clearly knew more about Karen King than we did. Karen King was arrested Monday for allegedly jumping ship on payments on her Maseretti that she flashed throughout LHHATL.

Law enforcement sources tell us Karen was in court Monday to deal with her pending identity fraud case when she was taken into custody. We’re told deputies hauled her off when the court clerk announced there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest … for allegedly skipping car payments on a Maserati. TMZ

In a video that is no longer on her Instagram, she insisted that the story was made up and that she is working on boss moves. Ok, sis.


Karen you don’t have to lie to kick it boo and judging by this tattered wig you had on it’s time for a rest. If you have skipped out on payments and now they’re taking you to jail for it just let go. You ain’t the only one who has skipped out on a payment. Hell, I’m hiding my furniture right now.

Get it together Karen.



Do you believe Karen King skipped those payments?