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Dear Chrisette Michele

Dear Chrisette Michele,

Where do I even begin sis…no, nope, nah, no ma’am, NO? What we are not going to do is try and play the victim card when every fan, friend, and foe pleaded, begged and warned you about your inauguration performance. It was a choice you made to “be a bridge” and to stress to Trump and his supporters that “this is what we look like”.

Girl, they know what we look like, that’s kind of the problem. While I get the idea of “being a bridge”, perhaps we would have understood this excuse coming from a bigger artist or someone with a bigger platform. You needed a check, that the sole reason why you accepted. Albums aren’t selling that well these days, especially for your genre of music. I get it but own that.

Now you want to come out and start this pity party, I’m sorry but that is what it looks like. Your label dropped you when you submitted your latest album ‘Strong Black Woman’…oh really, now we want to profess our strength. What exactly are you telling us this for? Because you think we are going to buy it. Because you think that we are going to rally in support of you? In a time where we have Colin Kaepernick risking his livelihood to stand up against injustice do you think that anyone will give you a pass for folding the way that you did?

And if that wasn’t enough you post a picture of your alleged miscarried fetus. Have you lost your entire mind? Don’t post that then say you’re not looking for pity. That was incredibly low. I feel bad you lost your child, that is something that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone but posting that image was to garner sympathy towards you as a person versus the situation.
Then while I’m praying that you run out of battery on your phone you tweet Tina ‘Someone Stuff A Sock In My Mouth’ Campbell. Implying that you have both been “choice shamed”.

You both made a choice, granted a choice that I find stupid, and now you’re dealing with the consequences of that choice. Tina wanted to refer to a man that has sexually assaulted women, mocked the handicapped and defended Neo-Nazis as a man with good “Christian values”. I must have missed that part in Sunday school.

You are both grown woman, it’s time to take ownership of your actions. You made a choice and now people are making a choice not to deal with you. Accept the ‘L’, get a better publicist and try to work out a game plan to reinvent yourself…if you can.


Or I hear Fox News is always looking for a token black person…


What do you think of Chrisette Michele’s ‘choice shaming’ claims?