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It’s been a long time and I thought I would never see the day that Cassie says enough is enough and leaves Diddy.

Cassie & Diddy have been together for 7 or more years but it just never seemed real. Cassie just looked as if she was happy because it was Diddy and not because she was actually in love. I can’t speak for her, but I know not to believe anything that’s posted on social media. Everything that glitters isn’t gold.

Get into this subliminal post she posted on Instagram.


A photo posted by Casandra (@cassie) on


Chile you ever wanna know how somebody feel. Go to their Instagram.

To be honest, I don’t even know what Cassie does anymore other than rock shaved bird haircuts.

A source told the following…

Cassie broke up with Diddy the Sunday after his Revolt Music Conference in Miami because while he was there — he had another woman with him! Not only that, but the same woman was with him the weekend prior in Atlanta for the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Cassie good for you girl!

She probably got over the never getting married thing or was never interested in it. Maybe she thought to herself enough is enough and I wanna be happy. In relationships, you will have to compromise on something but make sure you’re happy in the process.


What do you think of Cassie’s decision to leave Diddy?





  1. Reginia Cordell

    December 14, 2015 at 5:37 pm

    I hope she put some coins back for all the years she was being kept. I’m sure those residuals off her one hit are about $.75 a month now. Good luck to her though. She was too young to be hanging on to a wish like that.

  2. amber

    December 14, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    good for her she is too beautifu to be putting up with his bullish

  3. Miss Lisa

    December 14, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    He shows up to TWO EVENTS with another woman, but you are his “fiancee?”
    I don’t know these people but it’s obvious that he has no respect for Cassie and probably never did. I hope she stacked up her a few nice IRA’s, CD’s and had all those baubles he bought her appraised because she can take those coins and live pretty decent.

  4. Prince Onyx

    December 14, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    Cassie needs to put out a new album and stop dealing with Diddy and his mess, girl he is twice your senior why are you still with him? girl get yo ass in the studio

  5. S_Hutchinson

    December 16, 2015 at 6:49 am

    Good for her honestly..It’s about time..

  6. MsDtown

    December 21, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    New year, new [email protected]

  7. YoLoco

    December 22, 2015 at 6:15 am

    I think Cassie left Diddy for Keke Palmer lol

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Mystery Woman Complicates Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Relationship




Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been seeing each other exclusively for the last six years. At least, they were until photos of Jamie with a hot, young singer recently emerged. According to multiple sources, Katie has called it quits, but the problems they faced go beyond his wandering eyes.

Citing their long-distance lifestyle and his reckless ways, reclusive actress Katie Holmes says she’s ready to move forward with someone who can commit. The couple began dating privately in 2013 following her divorce from Tom Cruise. Although their relationship status was never formally announced, Jamie and Katie were often seen at public events, vacationing, and exchanging PDA. But things seemed to slow down in February 2019 when Jamie was overheard at a party boasting about his single life.

According to MarieClaire, Foxx told party goers he was happy to be single during Byron Allen’s annual Oscar’s celebration. While Holmes didn’t appear to be phased by the slight, she didn’t let it go easily. Katie began posting racy photos on Instagram and during their first major public appearance at the Met Gala, the couple kept their distance. Not long after this, Holmes allegedly presented Foxx with an ultimatum, either move closer or move out of my life. Foxx apparently chose the latter.

A month after attending the Met, mystery woman Sela Vave posted photos of herself and Jamie getting cozy in an undisclosed location. Expressing her gratitude to him, Sela further fueled the rumors that Katie and Jamie were through. But the question on everyone’s lips is who is she?

Sela Vave credits herself as an actress, model, and musician. Currently repped by Talent Management Group and Vave says that Foxx is just a mentor in her music career. The two were recently on LA’s Power 106 FM to plug her upcoming album. But while all that makes it seem like things are strictly professional, Vave and Foxx have traveled a lot together. In June, they were spotted at the BET Awards together and shortly after, he brought her along to his performance in The Hamptons. Neither Foxx, Holmes, or Vave have confirmed or denied any rumors. A predictable move, especially since Vave is younger than his own daughter.



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Strong Light Skin Lead: Black Twitter Gathers Netflix Over ‘Raising Dion’ Cast Changes




When Netflix launched Strong Black Lead during the 2018 BET Awards, patrons of the streaming platform were excited for the diverse content to come. But the recent bevy of cancellations, questionable shows, and even more questionable casting choices have driven their subscribers to anger. The most recent decision to stoke the fire? The lightening of the cast of Raising Dion.

Based on a comic book by Dennis Liu, Raising Dion is a science fiction series centered on the protection of a boy who discovers superhero-like abilities following his father’s passing. Well received by the public, the initial pitch for the show featured dark skin leads for Dion and his mother, Nicole Reese. But now that the series is slated to premiere October 4th, fans were shocked to see that there were significant changes to the cast’s appearance.

Hoping to see Dennis Liu’s vision fulfilled, fans have expressed their disappointment with the cast changes by attacking the Netflix post. But some unlikely people have come to support the series despite the rampant claims of colorism. Sarunas Jackson is catching a lot of heat for his statements. The Insecure actor said, “This narrative that light skinned actors have it easier is completely false. And I can support what I’m saying, trust.”

Ignoring the blatant colorism that has stifled the dreams of many dark skinned people in the entertainment industry, Jackson’s remarks practically ‘All Lives Matter’ the situation. Even worse, it has encouraged people who believe in a “dark skin supremacy” agenda to make their presence known. Netflix’s palatable casting choice may cost them dearly as fans are already rallying to boycott the series ahead of its October release.

Will you be watching Raising Dion?



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Basketball Wives, Colorism, & The Negative Depictions of Black Women. Time We Call it Out.




The State of Basketball Wives In a Nutshell

Basketball Wives is on its eighth season and their eighth episode and nothing has changed over the course of the show. As a viewer, who has watched the show since the Royce and Suzie days, the drama has escalated to something that is absolutely unacceptable. They have enabled bullying, they have stated racist comments, and helped colorism flourish. This is not a reach, there are several examples of this and I will elaborate on them later on in this post. Quite frankly, I am beyond dispirited by the deplorable behavior, Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O’Neal, Feby Torres, and even Malaysia Pargo have shown over time and specifically this season. Yes, Jennifer Williams & Jackie Christie have done their share of foul things too.


Let’s look at the timeline of the show. Where do I even begin?

Well, the first season of Basketball Wives (Miami) introduced us to Royce Reed who was a former dancer for an NBA team and an entrepreneur with her own dance company. Royce spoke her mind. She was not dressing like them, she was not participating in the same activities as them, and she didn’t kiss their ass. Furthermore, Evelyn and Jennifer would constantly throw jabs at Royce on the way she looked and the way she dressed. They ostracized her in many ways and she then became the outcast. This is bullying.

Tanya Woods

Next, let’s take a look at the LA branch. Do you guys remember Tanya Williams? Probably not, she didn’t stay too long.

The ladies found her irritating because she was “boring”. I guess having a great vocabulary makes you boring. They also were upset that she did not break up a fight (Malaysia vs Laura). Tanya was flabbergasted that there was a fight happening in front of her. Which makes sense because she is usually around women who have class. Moreover, during an interview she did with Loop 21 back in 2013, she eluded to the fact that there are not many black women behind the scenes encouraging resolution or more positive depictions. As a result, this lets me know that Shaunie O’Neal does not care about the depictions of black women. Yes, these ladies do not represent all black women, but why even have them acting like fools on TV.

Let’s now fast forward to the last season of Basketball Wives and this current season.

OG is a new member of the show, she is a proud Nigerian and she plays professional women’s football. OG reminds me of Royce because she is not quick to agree with the ladies and she formulates her own opinions. Let’s be clear though, OG has not been perfect but for the most part, she has shown viewers that she may be the only real and genuine one on the show.

In recent episodes, OG interfered with some family business between Cece and Kristen, which is never okay. However, what is really not okay with me, is the fact that the other ladies specifically Evelyn, Malaysia, and Shaunie have been having some selective outrage. A couple of seasons ago Evelyn was having conversations with Jackie’s daughter about Jackie, and Shaunie enabled the behavior by not checking Evelyn. So what is the difference?

This season, we have Feby and she recently moved to LA to become more independent and work on her music career. Feby already begins to start issues with OG for absolutely no reason but to fit in with the ladies dislike for OG. Now get this, Feby in one episode was talking so terribly about OG with the other ladies and talking about the way she looks and everything else you can imagine. Feby even wasted her time to write a rap song mentioning OG and then lied about it. When OG confronts Feby, OG gets labeled “aggressive”.

Colorism OR Mean Girls OR Both?

Now doesn’t this rhetoric sound like white people describing black people who speak their mind or have strong passions? Evelyn is able to throw tables, throw drinks, and call Cece “Lee Lee” and yet her behavior is never reprimanded. But you know why? It s because of the blatant colorism towards OG on this show, that I can’t stand. When Latinas or light skin women get angry it is sexy or it is justified compared to when black women or darker skin women get angry, it is deemed “aggressive”.

Some may argue that Kristen, Jennifer, and Malaysia are dark skin and don’t get the treatment. However, Malaysia has gotten plastic surgery to gain European features. Let’s be real. Jennifer and Kristen don’t have strong features and they fit Evelyn and Shaunie’s aesthetic. Not to mention, Kristen referred to OG as Kunta Kinte and the ladies laughed. The words they use to describe OG have never been used before towards any other castmate in Basketball Wives history. Lastly, just because you are dark skin girl does not exempt you from making colorist comments.

Royce, Tanya, and OG are beautiful dark skin women with natural features that did not fit their expectations. Let’s keep that in mind.

I think it’s mean girl bullying and colorism all intertwined. Let me know what you all think. Very curious if anyone feels this way.

Now, I understand that this is reality TV and you should expect some mess. However, it makes the show interesting and impactful if there is some type of resolution. Instead, the drama and the antics accumulate and grow into a disgusting narrative.

A couple of seasons ago, Shaunie said Maylasia had no substance.

Shaunie, sis this whole show has no substance.




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