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The Misrepresentation of Black Queer Men in Reality TV

Written by Jaylen Thomas


I think it’s time for us to finally address the big, drink throwing, trash talking elephant in the room: Black Gay Men In Reality Television. There is far too many “Queens” who have crossed our screens and given us the drama that we so desperately desire on shows like The Real World, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Married to Medicine, and more notably, Love and Hip-Hop. Love and Hip-Hop did the unthinkable when they introduced their first gay cast members, Milan Christopher and Miles Brock. These two being added to the cast was advertised as a well-intentioned effort to be inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community; as a way to acknowledge that Hip-Hop is more than sexist, hyper-masculine, misogynistic men. With the addition of these cast members, however, came the stereotypical narratives of Black Gay Men: that say we sleep with women’s men, are always involved in drama, and can’t seem to occupy the same space as other Black Gay Men without feeling threatened.



Milan Christopher was portrayed as the “other man” while his boyfriend Miles Brock continued a relationship with his girlfriend Amber Hunter (which Milan Christopher alleges was a fake relationship for the show). Christopher claims to be an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community; he takes shots at Zell Swagg and Mister Ray (Ray Cunningham) for the way they portray themselves on the current Love and Hip-Hop season 4, but fails to ever acknowledge how he represented our community in the love triangle during his season- but that’s neither here nor there.


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