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LaToya T. Jackson

LaToya T. Jackson is a SURVIVOR. The death of her husband just 2 months after their storybook wedding sent LaToya into a tailspin. Consumed with depression, grief & envy, she decided to take that, which attempted to destroy her & find PURPOSE for her PAIN. Dedicating her life to inspiring, encouraging and empowering people from all walks of life, to also find PURPOSE for their PAIN. She is an up and coming author, speaker, designer and entrepreneur. U Can Survive LLC, is a faith-based organization, specializing in uplifting & motivational giftables. Blinged Out Bikinis, provides beautiful beachwear to the girl who likes to standout & shine amongst the crowd. Outside of helping others, LaToya is obsessed with jet-setting and online shopping.

    Stories By LaToya T. Jackson